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Testimonial for Ririi Trivedi (Ahmedabad)
Ahmedabad Nov. 2015

Testimonial for Ririi Trivedi (Ahmedabad)
Ahmedabad Nov. 2015

Testimonial for Ririi Trivedi (Ahmedabad)
Ahmedabad Nov. 2015


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Sangeeta Saini

I was suffering from vertigo for past 15 years. It used to increase during periods. I had tried allopathy, homeopathy and even bash flower remedy. From no where I got a permanent solution to my vertigo issue. With increasing age, it had worsen since past three months.

I took 3 sessions of hypnotherapy from Mrs. Veena Shrikant.(Trainer & Clinical Hypnotherapist with EKAA Institute)
After these sessions I am almost out of my vertigo issue. Looking forward to take few more sessions to get out of my vertigo and migraine issues permanently. It is not less than a miracle for me!!

Hope that more and more people try this and come out of their live a healthy life.

Thank you Veena Shrikant

Haitisha Mehta
Student MA Psy.

Ms. Deepika Gala
Biography Consultant

Karan Jain

Dr. Shobha Joshi

Ms. Roshni Jeswani
AngelTherapy Teacher

Mr. Vishwanath Parab
Retired Banking Prof

Ms. Ramila Niser

Jayesh Sanghavi

Deepa Nair

When I decided to take up this therapy, I was very sceptical but nonetheless went on with it as yet another approach to try and cure me of PCOD, endometrial polyp,      nabothian cysts, obesity - all of which have been ailing me for years now and had valiantly held fort against all previous attempts to cure. Also, apart from the ailments mentioned earlier, I wanted to address other problems like certain specific repeated nightmares, heal my traumatic childhood and so on. So in my mind, I thought let me try it this last time so that I might later justify to myself that I left no stone unturned in my endeavour to find cure.

But with you, there was a vast difference. First of all thanks for being so patient with my endless questions and doubts before and after each session. Also I can tell the difference since though a lot of inner child work had previously been done with me with other therapists, its this time when I could really let go of the traumas, understand and forgive others and myself. For me it is very difficult to hold on to my faith in anything as I tend to overkill everything analytically. So it was not easy to hold on to the belief that whatever I saw or felt during the sessions was not my mind playing tricks on me but there was no way to find out. During the first submarine session is when I became aware of a myometrial cyst, the latest addition to my woes and of which i knew not when I came to you. The sonography report confirmed this finding so that my ever-questioning brain eventually got the proof it yearned for. This gave me more confidence while doing further sessions.

The self hypnosis that you taught me has also been very useful. Most importantly, the organ regeneration session worked like a charm. One month after the session (and intermittent submarine sessions), when I got the sonography done again, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the polyp, nabothian cysts and myometrial cyst were all gone!! The pcod is still there but the ovary size seems to have reduced a bit. And in all fairness, I have had  pcod since a decade now so I guess it will take a little more time to go.

Thank you so much and may you be able to heal many more people. One more thing, though i do not know exactly after which session, sometime last month I realised that I now no longer sleep with my mouth open nor wake up on a drenched pillow. This was another welcome change since that had been my habit from ever since I remember myself and a rather embarrassing one.

Therapist : Deepthi Divakaran (Intern)


"I feel so very honored and privileged to have got my therapy done by you. The feeling is so overwhelming! You created such a sacred space, filled with nurturing and compassionate love. Words seem so small compared to the vastness of this incredibly enriching and inspiring therapy. My life will never be the same. You have inspired me to really live my life to the fullest potential of unlimited love and joy. I cannot begin to explain the immense impact that you have bought to my life during the past few weeks.  I know that I now have a sense of calm and awareness in my being that was not there previously.  I also feel powerful and very focused in my life.


Thanks for changing my life for good. Prior to this I was suffering from an acute cervical pain since past 11 years. During the therapy apart from this issue many other issues came up and were healed. My point of view of looking at life and relationships has completely changed. Thanks for this wonderful gift.

Aneet Bhatti
I was in acute depression caused by  a bad marriage, leading to a Divorce, which took me to Mrs.Baljeet Brar. During the many sessions I had with her I came to terms with the reality of life and saw things in different perspective. I was plagued by guilt and anger, along with depression and fear of the future.
We went through various past lives of mine  which showed me that my marriage was karmic and it became easier to let go off things .I was relieved of my back ache in one of the sessions ,which I had developed during this traumatic period of my divorce. The therapies helped me to release fears, negativity, anger and unwanted baggage. I released many hidden fears and learned many new things about myself and the way I think and perceive situations. It helped me move forward in life as well get through the trauma of Divorce.
I realized my self worth and regained confidence with Mrs.Brar’s counseling and therapies. I am now leading a happy and vibrant life. I have to thank Mrs.Brar for being a wonderful person as well as a therapist, who genuinely cares for her clients.
Simran Sandhu

I am writing this note just to let you know that the therapy you did on me has worked wonders. I had gone through a lot of trauma a few months back and that played in my mind all the time. I just refused to accept things and move forward, to the extent it had started affecting me psychologically. I felt much better after the first session , I suddenly started feeling so much lighter and charged with positive energy. Today I write this testimonial for you just to tell you that you have changed my life completely. You have made me believe that everything happens for a reason. Thankyou maam and trust me I dont have enough words to do so.

Aastha Gulati
Healer, Wellness Con

I have done all my Levels with EKAA (CHII) And it has made a significant difference in my life!
It has been a wonderful journey just to understand how your mind works.. and where all the negative thoughts come from and how wonderful it is to be able to remove them..All by yourself!!

My confidence has gone up notches... people love being around me now, just for the kind of 'aura' i emit! And the amazing thing is realizing how it was all in our hands all along.. We just didn't know it!

And that is what hypnotherapy has made me understand.. it has increased my awareness to my own has taught me to let go of unnecessary thoughts...and most of all it has taught me the power of faith!!

Through hypnotherapy, one is able to go to such a beautiful state of being.. and then whn you come back to reality.. you begin asking yourself.. What is really stopping us from having this beauty in our conscious state of mind? And then you begin working on the accumulated waste that you have been collecting over years and never bothered to remove! And it works wonders!


Namarata Maitty
I feel more in control of everything in my life thanks to hypnotherapy, I recommend anyone to use it as an effective method of making positive changes.
Gandharv PT

My journey with EKAA has been fantastic. It was a very good learning experience. Every level from 1 to 5 has been structured with great thought process behind. It helped me to understand some of the deep workings of mind in a practical manner. I thank each and every one from EKAA for making this possible.

Deepthi Divakaran Gandharv

My journey with CHII began with studying clinical hypnotherapy. It was life changing. The whole course brought a deep understanding of self and people. This in turn cleared many self imposed blocks in my development, helped me nullifying stress and helping others grow. I thank each and every person at EKAA for making this possible.

Sabita Erady
Ex. HR Professional

Hypnotherapy Course Level 2 and 3 with EKAA, Delhi. Changed my life entirely... the trainer had and in depth knowledge in the field of Hypnotherapy. He was been a proficient trainer with an ability to brilliantly relate theories and concepts to routine life application. His genuine willingness to go out of the way to ensure his students have understood the concept is commendable.

Thanks to EKAA I left my boring job and I am now a full time practicing Hypnotherapist.

Did you know?

Hypnosis has fascinated psychologists and medical professionals for over a century and has been subject to a great deal of rigorous testing and research.

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